Basic Website Optimization Techniques  

Basic Website Optimization Techniques


There are certain basic effective SEO techniques used to optimize your website which gives you a better chance for high search engine rankings. Following these basic steps to on-site SEO is a good start towards getting your website listed on the front page of All SEO FAQ leading search engines organically. There are also additional tactics that will need to be implemented more on the online marketing side but for this particular article we will be covering just the website optimization techniques.

SEO Basic Techniques

Keyword Phrases – Use keyword phrases rather than just one word keywords to allow online searchers to find your website more easily.

Where to Implement Keyword Phrases – Make sure your keyword phrases are in the titles, in the content and in the Meta tags.

How To Emphasize Keyword Phrases – Only use one to two keyword phrases per page of your website. Bold, Italicize and make links of them. Use them just a couple of times throughout the content of the page.

Clean URL’s – Having clean URL’s that include the keyword phrase (if possible) is highly advised. Although not a requirement a clean (or static) URL can assist the Search Engines in determining the relevancy of a particular page with the online searchers request.

Relevant Content – It is very important that your content is relevant to them you are using. I know most people don’t want to read through pages and pages of content but not enough content can affect your rankings. Also keep your content new and fresh. The more often you update the more often search engines will visit your website.

What Are White Hat Techniques?

White Hat Techniques are the methods used for optimizing your website for better page rank. Make sure all of the text on your website is legible to the human eye and relevant to the keyword phrases used to optimize it. Use your keywords throughout the content of the page but don’t overdo it, just two to three appearances should suffice. Make sure your content is unique; never copy content verbatim from another live website, even if you own the website that you are copying from.

The Use Of Single Keywords Vs. Keyword Phrases

It’s important to use keyword phrases (also known as long tail keywords) rather than single keywords. Most online searchers, search by word phrases not by single words. So if your company provides online marketing services, then optimizing your site for the keyword “marketing” is too broad. Its better that you use the keyword phrase “online marketing services” or “internet marketing company”. If your keyword phrase matches the search query, you will also show higher in the results for that search.

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