Get Hanumanji’s Form and Prayer Close to the Heart!

Get Hanumanji’s Form and Prayer Close to the Heart!


Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered and adored deities in Hinduism. He is loved by one and all, cherished for his tales in mythology.

Worshippers of Lord Hanuman have tremendous faith in him, he is believed to be a tremendous source of strength and with his blessings, one is able to achieve higher consciousness Ligaciputra and connect with his soul.

Lord Anjaneya is worshipped in various forms. He is said to be Panchmukhi and is possessed with five faces. Hanumanji is worshipped with his 108 names and is believed to have ten arms.

Lord Kesarinandan’s form is said to have a deep significance in both, Indian mythology and Hinduism, and by worshipping Pavan Putra Hanuman, a devotee gets blessings of the deity, which enable him to achieve success in all spheres of life.

A very popular mythological tale associated with Vayu Putra is about Sindur, and exemplifies Lord Hanuman’s devotion and love for Bhagwan Sri Ram.

Sindur is vermilion that married Hindu women apply on the parting of hair. Once when Sita Mata applied Sindur on her head, Lord Hanuman asked about the same. Sita Mata said that this is to ensure that your master has a long life. Lord Pavan Putra was so inspired by what was told to him that he smeared his entire body in Sindur! When Lord Hanuman is worshipped, he is offered Sindur and oil and idols of Lord Hanuman in temples are often smeared with Sindur. Similarly, when people use a photograph of Lord Sankatmochan in any of their living environments, they often smear his body with a mix of sindur and oil.

By adorning the Divya Hanuman Darshan pendant, you can always keep Lord Kesarinandan’s form and the mighty prayer of Hanuman Chalisa close to your heart. With this pendant, always attain the blessings of Hanuman ji and stay within his scrutiny.