London – The Dream City

London – The Dream City


I believe that life is very precious and it is a one time opportunity. No one knows where we were before birth and where we would be after death. It is just this space between birth and death Removals South London which needs to be utilized to the fullest.

There are many people on this earth who are captured in the shackles of poverty and there are also those who do not have the physical strength. But for the others who are fortunate enough to have God’s mercy on them, being ignorant of this gift called Life is foolishness. That’s why I am a Traveler. I am driven by an urge to explore as much as I can of this beautiful world in this lifetime and acknowledge God’s wonderful creations in my own small way.

I am writing this blog to share one of my most memorable traveling experiences. I visited London with my wife and son last month and it was a trip that will remain very close to my heart for a long time to come. I had heard a lot about the cultural centers, museums and galleries of London and so we decided to dedicate our trip to visiting these fascinating places. Throughout our trip, we stayed in the very renowned and luxurious Grange Hotels located mainly in Central London. The cheap and cost effective accommodation attracted us to choose these hotels for touring London.

My tour of the museums started with the British Museum. The British Museum is one of the oldest museums is London, and one of the biggest museums in the world. Here we found some of the greatest treasures of all time under one roof. There were The Elgin Marbles, The Portland Vase, The Lewis Chessmen, The Sutton Hoo Treasure, to name a few of the wondrous collections. I was simply amazed by the Egyptian Mummies, and overwhelmed by the superb exhibition of prints and drawings. In fact, the British Museum is a vast storehouse of such scriptures and artifacts. We had little time and there was an unlimited number of things to see. We thought the best way would be to concentrate on one department at a time and moving on trying to cover as many sections as possible.

We were told that, in 1753, the Government of the day bought the collection of Sir Hans Sloan, a wealthy Doctor who practiced in Chelsea. The collection had of over 80,000 curios including fossils, plants, coins, medals and prints. This huge assortment formed the beginning of what has become certainly the biggest, and probably one of the best museum collections in the world. An act of Parliament established the British Museum as the world’s first public museum. The Cottonian Library formed by the Harleys, Earls of Oxford, was immediately added to this collection. In 1757, George II presented The Royal Library to the museum. In 1823, George III conferred on the museum the right to a copy of every book printed. This right continues to the present day.

Designed in the Greek revival style, the grand building of British Museum has an Ionic colonnade and portico complete with pediment frieze. In the central part of the building is a Round Reading Room, surmounted by one of the largest domes in the world.

Even after expansion on various occasions in the past, space always proved to be a problem and a new home was found for the Natural History Collection; this was transferred to South Kensington in the 1880’s; and is now known as the Natural History Museum.