What You Need To Know About Scrabble Flash Cubes

What You Need To Know About Scrabble Flash Cubes


Scrabble Flash Cubes are a new take on the world’s most popular word game. Though some lovers of classic Scrabble enjoy the texture , fidget cube of wooden tile, holders, and the smell of the board, a whole new generation of players will probably develop affection for the feel of the new cubes and their flashing lights.

The classic game may owe its popularity to the way in which it connects with language. Writing may be seen as a code which uses symbols, or letters to stand for meaningful sounds. This fundamentally wondrous code is the foundation for the board game.

Each player draws seven tiles, each with a letter and a value attached to that letter. The aim is to build legitimate words, adding to what other players have already done. When some squares are covered, they may yield double letter or word scores. The letter ‘x’ carries a letter score of ten, so if the word ‘ox’ is used to cover a triple word score with this letter the letter score is tripled and so is the word score

The traditional board game is played with two or more players. At least one other person is required, and so too is a large stiff board and a flat surface.

In contrast, the new flash game can be played solo and no board is required. The game consists of independent electronic cubes that light up when placed adjacent to each other to form a word. In fact each cube might be thought of as a tiny computer that connects electronically with other cubes when a word configuration has been made.

The old game was often slow. As players took turns to ponder over possible letter combinations, others could get bored. Some would get up and make tea while others would fidget and kick and finally give up. This drawback made the game most suitable for elderly couples who had whole evenings at their disposal.

The new game may be more suitable for younger players from eight years up, children and adults. Time limits of sixty seconds can be imposed for new words to be created. Once the time limit has been reached the cubes light up and calculate the individual’s score.

This is fundamentally different to the old game. The need for speed is possibly drawn from another word game called ‘Boggle’, which used to require quick word formations from a chance throw of dice.

In classic Scrabble, much of the appeal is in the time spent working out possibilities and calculating the best score to be obtained under given circumstances.